The 5 Purposes of a Team Website

Every club team has a website. Websites are so easy to build and provide so much benefit there is no reason not to have one. The problem is that most of these websites are bad.
They have no direction. They have no clear purpose.
Bad websites confuse the viewer. They leave them asking more questions instead of answering them.
The solution to bad websites: determine its purpose BEFORE you build it. If you don’t know why it is going to exist you will waste a lot of time and money building something no one cares about or uses.
A great example I recently came across was for Concrete Armor. I was talking to the owner and he said they had recently rebuilt his old site. Within 3 months he had more business coming in than he knew what to do with. You will notice the website is simple and doesn’t blow you away. But it is successful is because it was built for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a key way he gets business. The website has a purpose.
There are five reasons to have a website:
  • as a destination
  • create trust
  • start a conversation
  • sell stuff
  • communicate with your customers.
Good websites fulfill one or more of these reasons. Great websites make it very obvious.

A Destination

When people are looking for information you can provide, your website can be the place that they end up. They may find you through advertising, a Google search, a newsletter or social media. But you need your readers to end up on your website. Your website is something that is 100% in your control. Once a reader is there, you can influence their future actions.

Trust and Validity

In almost every situation where someone is considering your team, they will check and see if you have a website. At a minimum you need to have a site with your basic info to prove you exist.
But beyond that, your website can also show that your team or program is more than average. High quality information shows that you are a strong and trusted program. By publishing articles in your blog you show viewers you are knowledgeable. Keeping the contact information up to date proves you knowledgeable are organized.
*If you have a blog, make sure you are posting at least somewhat regularly. If there hasn’t been anything posted for 6 months you are sending a signal that you are not that involved.

Starting a Conversation

In the “business” world these are leads. To us, conversations help families make better decisions about their basketball choices.
Your website can help this by offering many ways to let viewers get involved. The simplest way is to provide an email or phone number on your website and ask them to contact you with questions.
If your team publishes a newsletter, make it clear on your website how they can sign up for it and the value it provides. If you want to go the extra mile, create a valuable ebook or webinar and give it to people in exchange for their email. This gives them something cool to learn from and you can follow up with an email to see if they have more questions.

Buy Stuff

Most teams do not run ecommerce websites. But, your website is a great place to allow your team to make their payments for dues, jerseys, team gear, etc.
With online payments on your website, you don’t need to collect checks and order forms. Payments are electronic and deposited where you need them. The player information goes directly to your email.

Special Communication With Your Customers

Building your site behind a password area is great for added customer value. It allows you to keep track of exactly who will see your messages. Plus, since you know who is reading the information, you can create it to exactly meet their needs. Your families will find this to be an extra benefit of playing for your team that “outsiders” don’t have access to.

The Purpose is the Key

There are some great team / program websites and there are some bad ones. The biggest difference between them is having a clear purpose. When a website has a purpose it will serve the needs of the team and give a viewer the experience that they want.


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