Born and raised in Eagle, Idaho (where I currently live) I am proud to be an Idahoan. My wife, Jennifer, and I have three amazing kids, Katy, Matthew and Olivia.

My professional career began as an Electrical Engineer after graduating from the University of Idaho. Though I enjoyed the company I worked for, I soon realized that I needed to work in a profession that gave me a chance to impact people in a more meaningful way.

After earning an MBA from Georgia Tech with an emphasis in marketing, I moved back to the Treasure Valley. Here I started two companies with my brother, Clint. Both Select Basketball (2002) and Select Printing (2015) are thriving today.

But along the way, I also became interested in real estate. I became fascinated with it. My wife and I started investing in it. And I realized that this was another great way that I could have a positive impact people’s lives. I earned my real estate license and became a Realtor. Today, I am utilizing my extensive experience to help others with their real estate needs.

A little background on me

I grew up in Southern Idaho and currently live in Eagle, Idaho. I’ve been fortunate to travel to different parts of the world and have lived in different parts of the country from the west coast to the south. Everywhere that I have been has helped to build me into who I am. At the same time, it made me really appreciate how much I love my state of Idaho.

Following high school, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho. My time in Moscow, Idaho taught me how to solve problems and meet friends that I consider family. It was an incredible part of my life.

Professional Life

I started my professional career in Santa Rosa, California as a product marketing engineer. While I quickly realized that the engineering life wasn’t exactly for me, the marketing piece was inspiring and I needed to find a way to apply those skills in a way that let me interact directly with those I could help.

That led me to the pursuit of an MBA, which I managed to get from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an unforgettable experience in an amazing city. I got a top 25 education and met some special people. What’s the good word?

Sports and Business

From there I took a job with the Idaho Stampede in Boise, Idaho as the Director of Public Relations. Part of the original CBA and then NBA D-League, I got the chance to learn about public relations and hone my communication skills. The team moved me into a Vice President role where I managed a sales team. I learned how to find the right people that fit into the culture I wanted to build.

Eventually, my entrepreneur side won out and I started my own business along with my brother, Clint. We’ve been running Select Basketball (formerly Idaho Select Basketball) since 2002 and have also started other businesses including the Transition Hoops Report (a high school basketball prospect report) and Select Printing (a screen printing company). They continue to thrive today. The process that we have put in place allow those companies to run themselves in a lot of ways.

Always wanting to fill the hours working with others, I decided to earn my real estate license. It has allowed me to combine two of my passions, real estate and helping others. There is so much potential in the buying and selling of property! It is very exciting…at least to me.

My current lifestyle

Life is great! I’m the father of three kids that keep my wife and me on our toes. But they bring more joy than I ever thought possible. And my wife, Jennifer Nichole, is the hardest working woman and most dedicated mother I’ve ever known. It sounds cliche but my family is my greatest inspiration and motivation to work hard, continuously improve myself and make sure that I’m a positive role model.

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to shoot me an email or contact me via any of the social networks on this page.