When we team up to buy your home, we embark on an exciting journey together. The process we go through has pieces. I call it the “Great Eight”.

At the core of these pieces is you.

It is likely you have already thought about a lot of these pieces. My job is to guide you and provide support where needed. As with any great team, the process is best when we work together.

The Great Eight


Before we can find your new home, we need to assess your needs, your wants, and your goals. They include things like the number of beds and baths in the home and your preferred location. It also includes knowing what your goals are for the home. Your goals might include building for the long term, downsizing or investing.


After we have established what we are looking for, we need to understand how much you want to invest. Usually, this comes down to two things. Your budget and what your financial backer (commonly a bank) approves you for. Often, your budget and your approved amount are not the same. We can navigate these waters together so we are all on the same page. Our goal here is to make the most responsible choice for your situation.


Now that we know what you are looking for and how much you want to invest, we begin the process of finding your next home. Through various tools, we narrow in on the homes you are most interested. Along the way, you may change what you are looking for. That is great! You are getting closer to your perfect home.


When we find the home that you love, it’s time to make an offer. This may turn into some negotiation or the seller may take our first offer! Or we may decide to move on to the next home.

Ultimately, this is up to you. But I will be there the entire way to provide you all the guidance and resources at our disposal. With great communication, we will find the best decision for you and your situation.


Yes! We have a home and both our party and the seller have agreed to terms. With a thorough home inspection, we protect you against things we cannot see at first. The inspection is not mandatory but worth considering. Your financial backer will also use an appraiser and make sure that your loan is not too high for the property.

Due Diligence

If the inspection and appraisal meet our standards then the title company you have chosen will dig in on the home’s title. This will either reveal issues that the seller needs to clean up or will show us that the title is free and clear.

Sign and Fund

It is time for the paperwork. We will sit down at the title company and sign the paperwork. When they complete the transferring of funds, you are now the new homeowner!


It goes without saying that as the owner of your new home, you get to enjoy the benefits of ownership! Reflect on your accomplishment. You have worked hard to get through this process. Congratulations!