How color psychology can help sell your home

We use color to describe our emotions: she’s feeling blue, he’s red-faced, we’re green with envy.

Researchers say that colors play into human psychology and can even impact how we react to what we see, and what we want to buy.

How can color psychology help you sell your home?

  • Soft yellow is associated with happiness and light, making it a great color for family gathering areas, such as kitchens.
  • Light blues can create a feeling of tranquility, like the ocean waves: relaxing and calming, terrific for bathrooms.
  • Greens are associated with nature, used to convey a feeling of peace and quiet and versatile for almost any room in the house.
  • Gray is a neutral color, best used to connect spaces, such as hallways.

Colors to leave off your walls? Avoid reds and oranges, color experts recommend.