Content Distribution Strategy

For over a decade I’ve been producing content. Blog posts, photographs and video have been the heart of my marketing campaigns. The problem is that I have no idea if the content is getting in front of the largest amount of people that it could be. With three businesses to run, a family to love and need for a little free time, I have to be more effective and efficient.
I need a process. An evolving strategy. I need a plan.
And that is the reason for this project. The goal is to create a strategy that maximizes the exposure of our content in an efficient way.
Why spend the time creating great content if no one is going to see it?

Goals and project overview

The distribution strategy will need to line up with our creation strategy. You can read previous articles on
To maximize exposure for each piece of content, I need it to hit people in the right time and place. And the message has to be on point.
To do this, we need to share content more than once and in different ways. Plus, I will need to identify which content is seasonal and which content is evergreen.
This will lead to increased page views, image views and / or video views. It should also keep us top of mind, helping speed up the process of future sales.

Process requirements

The strategy needs to have an efficient and repeatable process. I want to be able to focus on producing great content and not on the logistics. I also need to be able to tweak the process and then see the results and the impact that tweak had. A well thought out feedback loop will be critical. This will involve Google Analytics or some other tracking tool.
I also need this process to apply to multiple platforms and types of media. And, the process should be adaptable to distribute both seasonal and evergreen content.
As a bonus, this process could also integrate our content curation strategy. I already have a good process for this so I’m not sure I’m ready to rework that entire process at this point.

Potential Tools

Right now I’m using Buffer to post our content. It allows me to set the schedule and post to the channels we use the most. The downside is that I have to schedule everything myself, so if I want to post something 3 times I have to set it 3 times. Buffer has an RSS feed built in that I’m not currently using. It is like Feedly but may have some limits on the number of feeds you get. I currently have 75 feeds on Feedly, though I no longer use them all.
I’ve been hearing about a tool called MeetEdgar. Eric Siu mentions it often in the Marketing School podcast. It has similar features to Buffer but you can schedule the same post multiple times at once. It also has a built in RSS feed. Unfortunately, it does not appear to work with Instagram. We’ll do a two week trial and see how it goes.
I’ve used Co-Schedule in the past. It is a good tool, but only works with WordPress sites right now. I liked working with it at the time but it is built for bigger teams that need more coordination.

Project Updates

That is the project in a nutshell. I’ll be posting updates as it progresses and evolves. By the end I will have an efficient distribution process that increases our reach and deepens the impact of our content.