Goals for April 16-22, 2017

First big travel trip of the year. Hoping I’ve got our ducks in a row. The weekend will be an excellent chance to connect and touch base with other people that manage youth sports clubs and pick their brains about what is missing and where we can fill in.

Goals for this week:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Engage this weekend with coaches and admins in Seattle about club management
  • Add a relevant person to LinkedIn and Twitter – target sports management people
  • Share Travel Tips 1, 2, and 3 articles on Linked In and Twitter
  • Publish Hidden Expenses

Weekly schedule


  • Publish Goals

You've got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing. - Arthur Ashe


  • Schedule sharing TT1,2,3 on LinkedIn and Twitter (20 minutes)
  • Finish Hidden Expenses article (40 minutes)


  • Finish creative and post hidden expenses (30 minutes)
  • Find, share and connect with sports management post (30 minutes)
  • Aerobic capacity Week 9 day 1


  • Facebook Live, choosing your events (20 minutes)
  • Read #SportsDaily for the week (20 minutes)
  • Read Joe’s Spors Marketing newsletter (20 minutes)


  • Week 9 day 2


  • Reach out for PLANe info
  • Add a relevant person from sports management industry (15 minutes)
  • Share an article on Twitter, Linked In (15 minutes)


  • TBD

How did last week’s goals go:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Continue PLANe process – 3 main questions to ask people
  • Add a relevant person to LinkedIn and Twitter – target sports management people
  • Share article on Linked In and Twitter
  • Publish 3 travel planning tips – Part 2
  • Finish Robie

Hurting. Robie was great, perfect weather. But it is definitely more difficult than Zeitgeist. I’m putting that internal argument to bed.

Definitely recommend Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. If you are an entrepreneur, he does a fantastic job of explaining not just how it works but the roller coaster ride this lifestyle takes you on.

Goals for this quarter:

  • Finish aerobic program
  • Finish Robie Creek
  • Build and begin Open Weaknesses Program
  • Volunteer in Katy’s class
  • Read / Listen to three books (Shoe Dog)
  • Put together the outline of a basic training course
  • Run a mile in under 6:15
  • Continue to build network

Goals for the year

  • Run a sub 6 minute mile (start of this year is 6:23)
  • Get Fran time under 5:30 (start of this year is 6:05)
  • Validate a new idea via the Will It Fly process
  • Volunteer in Katy’s K class twice and in her first grade class twice
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s K class twice
  • Read or listen to 6 books (Extreme Ownership, Start With Why, The 10X Rule, The Four Hour Work Week, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Distruptive Marketing, Buy Buttons, Shoe Dog)