Goals for December 31, 2017 – January 6, 2018

Happy New Year! If you want to see the goals I posted a year ago to start 2017, click here.

Some reflections on 2017

This past year was incredible for my family and me. Like any family, there are bumps along the way but we were fortunate to avoid any major problems. Everyone was healthy and happy. Everyone got a little wiser. I’m so lucky to be in the situation I’m in. I am married to an incredible wife and best friend that does so much for me and our kids. Her efforts allow me to chase and achieve my own dreams, which include being a great dad and having a fulfilling career. I’m not sure I give as much back to them as they give me. I asked Katy and Matthew what I could do better this year. They said to play with them more. Specifically “Monster Dinner” and “Chase & Throw”. Seems simple enough.

From a personal standpoint, I found that journaling my goals and noting which goals I accomplished every week really helped to give me a realistic look at things. It has helped me plan out my weeks and days better. It has also helped me to better estimate the time it takes to do different things. The awareness has been huge.

I’ve also learned that no matter how much planning you do, new things are going to always come up. Last January I never even considered getting my real estate license. I also thought running a 6:00-minute mile was very important. But things change and you have to adjust.

Goals and tasks for the year (2018)

  • Reduce my required time at the office to 5 hours per week
    • Build processes at work for every repeatable action (opening registrations, booking hotels, drip emails)
    • Train others to complete the processes
  • Increase the value of our current products (printing, teams, showcases, tournaments)
    • Create a media team
      • to cover current events
      • to generate customer stories
    • Get to know our customers better and find what things they want more of or like the most
      • Go on two ride alongs with sales team each month
      • Email random parents and participants with questions
  • Complete 5 RE transactions
    • Create a marketing plan
    • Weekly “coffee” meetings with other agents to learn how they are successful
    • Complete “Elevate” program
  • Move Transition Hoops to new platform with new strategy
  • Complete Marketing Workbook
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s class
  • Volunteer in Katy’s class
  • Read or listen to 20 books
  • Complete The Open

Goals for this quarter:

  • Finalize Select Printing bookkeeping processes
  • Finalize Select Printing ordering / check-in process
  • Finalize Spring BAM Jam Process
    • Find a person to put in charge and train them
  • Finalize Spring Team Process
    • Find a person to put in charge and train them
  • Finalize Select Printing Product Images capture and storage process
    • Find a person to put in charge and train them
  • Create Live Video process for games
    • Equipment needed
    • Interview “broadcast” guys about how to create roles for students/interns
    • Email summer parents about their impressions of the Summer videos
  • Move transitionhoops.com to new platform
  • Finalize 12-month content strategy for Transition Hoops
  • Six ride alongs to customer sites
  • Create a “stories” plan
    • Produce 3 stories
  • Email 25 random parents about what they liked the most about last summer
  • Email 50 random participants about what they liked about last spring’s BAM Jam
  • Email 25 random NPI coaches about what they liked last year
  • Complete the Elevate program
  • Properly list and market Rivers End
  • Complete Marketing Workbook Section 1
  • Read 1 book
  • Listen to 4 books
  • Sign up for The Open

Goals for this week:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Assign “Elevate” newsletter content
  • Decide which “stories” to pursue
  • Finish NPI registration set up
  • Create NPI email sequence
  • Fill out AM paperwork
  • Weekly/Daily basics
    • Load Buffer for THR, SB, BAM, SP
    • Post SP Instagram pics
    • Check analytics
  • Copyblogger email series #4

Weekly schedule


  • Publish Goals
  • Fill out AM paperwork
  • Publish LSI report

The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln


  • Create list of potential stories
  • Copyblogger email series #4


  • Assign “Elevate” newsletter content
  • Decide which “stories” to pursue
  • Review NPI registration
  • Review analytics
  • Post to SP IG
  • Buffer


  • Evaluate bookkeeping process
  • evaluate check-in process
  • Create NPI email series


  • Finish NPI email series


  • Finalize NPI registration


  • TBD

How did last week’s goals go:

    • Publish weekly goals
    • 2018 Select Basketball Budget
    • Evaluate Elevate – set next meeting
    • NPI registration set up
      • Marketing plan
    • Weekly/Daily basics
      • Load Buffer for THR, SB, BAM, SP
      • Post SP Instagram pics
      • Check analytics
    • Section 1 worksheet
    • Udemy section 7
    • Copyblogger email series #3
    • New THR website – cornerstone approach
    • Select Printing “stories” ideas. Who and when?

How did last quarter’s goals go?

I traded in my 6:00-minute mile goal for overall fitness. I was on a good workout regimen and decided that a 6:00-minute mile was not important in the big picture. Definitely, need to commit to getting into Katy and Matthew’s classroom at some point this quarter.

How did last year’s goals go?

  • Run a sub 6-minute mile (start of this year is 6:23)
  • Get Fran time under 5:30 (start of this year is 6:05, finished at 4:06)
  • Validate a new idea via the Will It Fly process
  • Volunteer in Katy’s K class twice and in her first-grade class twice
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s K class twice
  • Read or listen to 6 books (Extreme Ownership, Start With Why, The 10X Rule, The Four Hour Work Week, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Disruptive Marketing, Buy Buttons, Shoe Dog, Known, Top of Mind, Get Scrappy, Legacy, Founder’s Mentality, Play Bigger, Grain Brain, Killing Marketing, Two Kinds of Truth, Everybody Writes, The Everything Store, The Power of Positive Leadership, Walt Disney)
  • Is Start a Fire a content tool worth using?

Overall a decent job. As I re-read these goals, I can definitely do a better job setting goals this year.