Goals for December 4-10, 2016

Goals for this week:

Weekly schedule


  • This week’s theme and how it ties in to a brand characteristic: The message you deliver is the clearest when you realize that your original message was the wrong one.
  • Hashtags to use (mainstream and niche): #clarity #message #offtopic #redesign #onpoint #goals #weeklygoals
  • Where can we get some original images or video: template look at new website
  • Update goals


  • Publish goals (10 min)
    • #clarity
    • #message
    • #offtopic
    • #redesign
    • #onpoint
    • #goals
    • #weeklygoals
  • Resume intensity post (45 min)
  • Comment on Facebook post (5 min)


  • Finish intensity post (40 min)
  • Comment on LinkedIn and Facebook posts (20 min)


  • Publish “6 podcasts” on Facebook and LinkedIn (10 min)
  • Publish intensity and double schedule on Instagram (45 min)
  • Follow up on any FB or LI feedback, comments (5 minutes)


  • Comment on Feedly articles and then follow the author (30 minutes)
  • Gather content for Buffer (20 minutes)
  • Which channel did better for “6 podcasts”, Facebook or LinkedIn? (10 minutes)


  • Comment on Feedly articles and then follow the author (30 minutes)
  • Content curation (30 minutes)


  • Content curation
  • Share someone else’s post on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

How did last week’s goals go:

Last week was a very productive week! By using a simple timer for each task, I actually got more done and stayed on schedule.

Future posts will include the redesign of idahoselect.org and how we came up with it. I’m also working on a better way to keep my diet in check while traveling. With a trip to Arizona in last November, Portland in December, Florida and Seattle in January, Spokane in February, Tacoma and Portland in March and Seattle and Las Vegas in April I have to figure this out.