Goals for February 12-18, 2017

This week, I’m forced to come out of my shell. I’ll need to get feedback from 10 people on a new project idea, several of them random people that I’ve never met before.

Goals for this week:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Add three more relevant people to LinkedIn
  • Comment on a Feedly article
  • Comment on a LinkedIn article or post
  • Post “Intensity” to Facebook
  • Complete Chapter 9, 10, 11

Weekly schedule


  • This week’s theme: Don’t sell yourself short
  • Publish goals


  • Complete 3 conversations and observations
  • Register for aerobic capacity (15 min)
  • Feedly article comment and connect (30 min)


  • Complete 7 conversations and observations
  • Schedule “intensity” for Facebook (5 minutes)
  • Feedly article comment and connect (30 min)


  • Complete Conversation and Observation – compile notes (30 min)
  • Start finding 1,000 True fans (30 min)


  • Thank somebody (5 minutes)
  • Publish 2 ways I’m using the Facebook pixel (55 min)


  • Finish 1,000 fans (60 min)


  • TBD

How did last week’s goals go:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Add three more relevant people to LinkedIn
  • Comment on a Feedly article
  • Comment on a LinkedIn article or post
  • Post “Instagram” to Facebook, Linked In and Twitter
  • Take notes on Will It Fly process
    • Complete Mission Design
  • Can video become a regular part of one of my business’s promo tools?

Cruised through Mission Control this week and even got my project idea down to a single sentence. Decided that my notes were pretty boring so I published another piece on four more podcasts that I’ve been listening to.

As I worked through the possibility of using video in our printing business, I can to the conclusion that while it is a visual business, still imagery of our apparel is the best way to go for now. But it did get me refocused on how important this is the customer and why we need to consistently publish this content.

Goals for the year

  • Run a sub 6 minute mile (start of this year is 6:23)
  • Get Fran time under 5:30 (start of this year is 6:05)
  • Validate a new idea via the Will It Fly process
  • Volunteer in Katy’s K class twice and in her first grade class twice
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s K class twice
  • Read or listen to 6 books

Goals for this quarter

  • Compete in The Open (Master’s Division)
  • Begin an aerobic program
  • Take a paid marketing course of some sort to see what a program looks like
  • Begin the Will It Fly process to validate course idea
  • Put together the outline of a basic training course for digital marketing and find one business to try it out
  • Find a day in April to volunteer at Katy’s class
  • Finish and review Extreme Ownership
  • Pick a new book to read
  • Run a mile in under 6:15
  • Decide if Twitter is a better medium than Instagram
  • Find a way to integrate video in to one of my company’s properties and see what kind of impact it has (spring BAM Jam?)
  • Continue to build network