Goals for January 21-27, 2018

Goals for this week:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Build outline of 6 month RE marketing plan
  • 14U / 15U tryout email sequence
  • Score 65 on Network Game (FB)
  • Finish 2017 books
  • Complete 10 AM tasks
  • SP “All School” outline
  • Media team interns
    • Boise State
    • KA
  • Continue database clean up (3 days)
  • Complete Skyslope training
  • Outline GoodEatz story
  • Weekly/Daily basics
    • Load Buffer for THR, SB, BAM, SP
    • Post SP Instagram pics
    • Check analytics

Weekly schedule


  • Publish Goals
  • 14U / 15U tryout email sequence

The whole world is one neighborhood. - Franklin D. Roosevelt


  • Contact KA and CH
  • Post SP Instagram pics
  • Check analytics
  • SP “All School” outline
  • Send out books
  • Database clean up
  • AM Tasks 1 and 2
  • Network


  • Finish 2017 books
  • Database clean up
  • Outline GoodEatz
  • AM Tasks 3 and 4


  • Complete Skyslope training
  • Post to SP IG
  • Buffer
  • Database clean up
  • AM tasks 5 and 6


  • Build 6-month RE plan
  • Basketball social scheduling
  • AM tasks 7 and 8
  • Networking


  • TBD


  • TBD

How did last week’s goals go:

    • Publish weekly goals
    • Finish NPI registration set up
    • Finish NPI email sequence
    • Build RE Marketing Plan for Rivers End
    • Publish MLK
    • Finish THG bank account
    • Final AM paperwork
    • Begin database clean up
    • Complete spring email and set up player registration
    • Complete Cloud CMA training
    • Complete Skyslope training
    • Complete IMLS training
    • Set up Photography
    • Outline BFD stories
    • Weekly/Daily basics
      • Load Buffer for THR, SB, BAM, SP
      • Post SP Instagram pics
      • Check analytics

Goals and tasks for the year (2018)

  • Reduce my required time at the office to 5 hours per week
    • Build processes at work for every repeatable action (opening registrations, booking hotels, drip emails)
    • Train others to complete the processes
  • Increase the value of our current products (printing, teams, showcases, tournaments)
    • Create a media team
      • to cover current events
      • to generate customer stories
    • Get to know our customers better and find what things they want more of or like the most
      • Go on two ride alongs with sales team each month
      • Email random parents and participants with questions
  • Complete 5 RE transactions
    • Create a marketing plan
    • Weekly “coffee” meetings with other agents to learn how they are successful
    • Complete “Elevate” program
  • Move Transition Hoops to new platform with new strategy
  • Complete Marketing Workbook
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s class
  • Volunteer in Katy’s class
  • Read or listen to 20 books
  • Complete The Open

Goals for this quarter:

  • Finalize Select Printing bookkeeping processes
  • Finalize Select Printing ordering / check-in process
  • Finalize Spring BAM Jam Process
    • Find a person to put in charge and train them
  • Finalize Spring Team Process
    • Find a person to put in charge and train them
  • Finalize Select Printing Product Images capture and storage process
    • Find a person to put in charge and train them
  • Create Live Video process for games
    • Equipment needed
    • Interview “broadcast” guys about how to create roles for students/interns
    • Email summer parents about their impressions of the Summer videos
  • Move transitionhoops.com to new platform
  • Finalize 12-month content strategy for Transition Hoops
  • Six ride alongs to customer sites
  • Create a “stories” plan
    • Produce 3 stories
  • Email 25 random parents about what they liked the most about last summer
  • Email 50 random participants about what they liked about last spring’s BAM Jam
  • Email 25 random NPI coaches about what they liked last year
  • Complete the Elevate program
  • Properly list and market Rivers End
  • Complete Marketing Workbook Section 1
  • Read 1 book
  • Listen to 4 books (The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent)
  • Sign up for The Open