Goals for July 9-15, 2017

These goals may look familiar. They are basically the same as last week. Why? They are still important and need to be completed.

The three weeks of no sleep begins today. Mini-camp, tournaments, BAM Jam prep…we are packed with exciting stuff every day, sun up to sun down. Personally, the three things that I’m still trying to figure out are: how can I steal a few extra minutes here and there with my family, how can I sneak in a workout without missing important work opportunities and how can I still maintain a decent diet?

This week begins summer number 20 for Select Basketball. Personally, this is the 16th year that I will be traveling in the summer. Looking forward to making it the best yet! #Select20in20

Goals for this week:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Add a relevant person to LinkedIn and Twitter – target sports management people
  • Create “Select rebranding story”
  • How can I integrate Meet Edgar?

Weekly schedule


  • Family Day

You just can't beat the person who never gives up. - Babe Ruth


  • Publish Goals


  • Read #SportsDaily for the week (20 minutes)
  • Read Joe’s Sports Marketing newsletter (20 minutes)
  • Curate content (20 min)


  • Write rebranding (60 min)


  • Curate content (20 min)


  • Find a gym
  • Write rebranding (60 min)


  • TBD

How did last week’s goals go:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Add a relevant person to LinkedIn and Twitter – target sports management people
  • Create and Publish “Rebranding and considerations”
  • Set up Meet Edgar

Though I knew the week was going to be busy with family stuff, it was even better than I thought! I didn’t get a lot done on goal side of things but the trade off was more than worth it.

Goals for this quarter:

  • Tweak and begin Aerobic program – get to sub 6:00 minute mile
  • Crosstown Throwdown? On the road for the first week so will have to work on logistics
  • Date night with each of the kids
  • Read 1 book
  • Listen to 4 books
  • Is there an opportunity to create recurring revenue from Select’s experience?
    • Put together the outline of a basic training course
  • Should I transfer this blog to Blue Host or another hosting company?
  • Sign up for 2 volunteer days at Katy’s school
  • Sign up for 2 volunteer days at Matthew’s school

How did last quarter’s goals go:

  • Finish aerobic program
  • Finish Robie Creek
  • Build and begin Open Weaknesses Program
  • Volunteer in Katy’s class
  • Read / Listen to three books (Shoe Dog, Known, Get Scrappy, Top of Mind, The Content Code)
  • Put together the outline of a basic training course
  • Run a mile in under 6:15 (hit 6:11)
  • Continue to build network


Goals for the year

  • Run a sub 6 minute mile (start of this year is 6:23)
  • Get Fran time under 5:30 (start of this year is 6:05, finished at 4:48)
  • Validate a new idea via the Will It Fly process
  • Volunteer in Katy’s K class twice and in her first grade class twice
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s K class twice
  • Read or listen to 6 books (Extreme Ownership, Start With Why, The 10X Rule, The Four Hour Work Week, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Disruptive Marketing, Buy Buttons, Shoe Dog, Known, Top of Mind, Get Scrappy)
  • Is Start a Fire a content tool worth using?