Goals for June 18-24, 2017

Audio and Video. Last week was great for learning video. Now, I have some audio equipment to tryout that should make the video even better. In three weeks we will have our Select media days. In a very limited amount of time we will need to get through pictures, interviews, etc. There will be no wasted minute.

Goals for this week:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Add a relevant person to LinkedIn and Twitter – target sports management people
  • Create and Publish “Using your website”
  • Start Documenting BAM Jam campaign process

Weekly schedule


  • Publish Goals

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. - Jim Valvano


  • Outline Using your website  (60 min)


  • Write Using your website (60 min)


  • Publish Using your website (30 min)
  • Outline BAM Jam campaign results (30 min)


  • Read #SportsDaily for the week (20 minutes)
  • Read Joe’s Sports Marketing newsletter (20 minutes)
  • Re-Sketch campaign process (20 min)



  • TBD

How did last week’s goals go:

  • Publish weekly goals
  • Add a relevant person to LinkedIn and Twitter – target sports management people
  • Share “Tryout and Showcase Results”
  • Create and Publish “Risk Management”

Also shared the Risk Management post on Linked In and Twitter.

Goals for this quarter:

  • Finish aerobic program
  • Finish Robie Creek
  • Build and begin Open Weaknesses Program
  • Volunteer in Katy’s class
  • Read / Listen to three books (Shoe Dog, Known, Get Scrappy)
  • Put together the outline of a basic training course
  • Run a mile in under 6:15 (hit 6:11)
  • Continue to build network

Goals for the year

  • Run a sub 6 minute mile (start of this year is 6:23)
  • Get Fran time under 5:30 (start of this year is 6:05, finished at 4:48)
  • Validate a new idea via the Will It Fly process
  • Volunteer in Katy’s K class twice and in her first grade class twice
  • Volunteer in Matthew’s K class twice
  • Read or listen to 6 books (Extreme Ownership, Start With Why, The 10X Rule, The Four Hour Work Week, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Disruptive Marketing, Buy Buttons, Shoe Dog, Known)

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