Goals for September 4-10, 2016

Goals for this week:

  • Create a bio and image that can be used on my blog, my about.me page and Instagram
  • This week’s strength training programming
  • Publish goals
  • Publish Project: Strength
  • Add resume and contact info / social media
  • Finish blogging strategy and template
  • Publish Project: blog strategy and template (how does social media, video, etc. factor in)
  • Comment on at least 1 article and 1 Instagram post

This week will continue to be a week of setting things up and fine tuning the website and blogging format

How did last week’s goals go?

Last week did a decent job of getting my list done. I’ve found that the template for each blog might have to be a work in progress as I’m still trying to find my voice and a format that works.