Home court advantage

Have you ever considered putting a basketball court in your home? Are you curious about what NBA players have in their home?

Like a lot of basketball players and parents of basketball players, building a basketball court at my house is something I’ve always thought about doing. But how?

Below are a couple of videos with layouts and a time-lapse of a court being installed. I have to point out, some of the court designs included are…not very well thought out.  Others are pretty cool.

Plus, I have included videos of some of the most expensive homes of NBA players. Did you know that Michael Jordan’s Chicago home was on the market for $29 million? It is worth a look.

Building your own court

This video showcases some cool designs. And some questionable decisions!

Timelapse video of a backyard court being installed.

NBA players and their homes

My three takeaways from this video:

  1. Something is going on in Miami. Lebron James makes the list twice while former teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade also make the list.
  2. NBA Players make A LOT OF MONEY
  3. The commentary on Dwight Howard is hilarious. “Howard is difficult to deal with and has an obnoxious attitude”.

They run through the features of Michael’s home pretty quickly so here is a summary:

  1. 56,000 square feet, 9 beds, 15 full baths, 4 powder rooms, 7.39 acres
  2. Basketball court
  3. Entertainment rooms
  4. Workout room (better than some gyms I’ve been to)
  5. Smoking and card room
  6. Wine room
  7. Tennis Court
  8. Putting green
  9. Guest House
  10. Pool Pavilion
  11. 14 car garage
  12. Originally listed at $29million

Four Videos To Develop Your Game

If your son or daughter loves basketball and wants to improve their development, I’ve put together four videos showcasing “at home” workouts. No gym or equipment needed!