New pool & clubhouse, budget, and sludge among topics at annual HOA meeting

Below are the notes I took from last night’s annual Lochsa Falls HOA meeting. There are also some slides that they presented. For meeting minutes, you can probably reach out to Red Door (contact info below).

To be clear, I am not on the HOA board in Lochsa Falls. I simply own a house in the neighborhood and these are my observations.

What we learned

There is a committee that has orchestrated the surveying of the park. This is a necessary step in order to get actual costs of construction if anything were to be built including a pool, clubhouse, restroom, additional parking, etc. There was a lot of debate out this, mostly focused on the pool and clubhouse. This was not up for a vote, just a discussion. It seemed the purpose of the survey is strictly research so we would know how much the construction of anything would really cost.

The parking, and especially street parking, came up often. There is a lot of concern about safety issues. The roads are controlled by the ACHD and it doesn’t sound like there is anything in our CC&R that allow the HOA to enforce. However, we are encouraged to notify the city of Meridian of street violations and they will take care of notifications. The board did say that safety issues will be addressed at their April meeting.

With regards to CC&R enforcement, the question was posed, should there be fines or penalties for violations? It would require a 2/3 favorable vote of the homeowners to enact such a rule.

Red Door, who takes care of CC&R violation notices, said that they have seen a decrease in the number of letters they needed to send out last year.

The trees that are along the strip between the sidewalk and the street are the responsibility of the homeowner. The watering is done by the neighborhood. If there is too little or too much water being used, or if there is an issue with the any of the sprinklers, contact Red Door and they will get it taken care of.

Should there be organized teams practicing in the park? This came up a few times. The board is going to look into signage similar to Kelley Creek.

Ray Dodd was reelected as the HOA president for a term of three years.

Did you know?

You can pay your HOA dues in two phases. This year the first half was due in March and the second half is due in June. There was some confusion on the timing of notices so the HOA is looking at a different notification schedule for next year.

The event committee is looking for volunteers. Longtime leader Tiffany Wheeler is stepping down and Angel Kester has stepped in for now. Currently, on the event schedule, we have the Easter Egg Hunt. Future events will be planned one at a time.

This last year, the Horse Loop waterfall was completely cleaned out. They found 3 feet of sludge in the bottom including several purses and baseball gloves!

Budget items of note

This year, the HOA has budgeted to add a sidewalk to the north side of Cayuse Creek that will lead all the way to park.

We went well over our liability insurance budget. After a review of what was covered in the neighborhood, it appeared that we were vulnerable in areas that were not covered including the waterfalls and fences. The additional money went to add these items.

Our tree pruning budget also went over budget but by design. The original plan was to pay for the tree pruning over three years and prune the subdivision in three phases. However, as the entire subdivision needed it and since it saved $5,000 to do it all at once, they decided to move forward with all of it. That item is not needed in the 2019 budget.

Waterfall repairs also went well over budget. Similar to the tree pruning item, the decision was to do major repairs on them all, including replacing the pumps and provide a lot of maintenance. The idea is that we spend the money now and then won’t need to do emergency repairs later.

The street lights are another increase in our budget and as an expense last year. There are now quarterly patrols of the neighborhood to make sure that lights are always working.

With regards to the balance sheet, there was a question as to why we needed nearly $350,000 in reserves. The answer was that there was a study done in 2017 about the amount of reserves needed and this is what they study told us. In addition, reserves in the past have not proven sufficient for needed repairs.


Red Door contact and phone number: Cindi Romans,, 208-888-3757

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