Preparing for Winter in Idaho

Winter is right around the corner.
In the Treasure Valley, that means freezing temperatures and some snow.
As a homeowner, we have some work to do this fall. The goal is to protect our home in the winter and be ready for the spring when temperatures start to rise.
Two areas we can prepare for now is winterizing our yards and deciding what to do if we have vents to our crawl spaces.
I spoke with two experts to get their opinions on these topics.

Winterizing your yard

You may have heard about winterizing your yard. And this not limited to blowing out your sprinklers (you have taken care of that, right).
Winterizing is setting up your yard in the fall to be ready for the spring. One way to do that is by hitting your yard in the fall with a fertilizer that is higher in potassium than normal.
I spoke with a representative at Weed Man, a lawn care company in Meridian. They gave me the lowdown on why winterizing is important.
The three main benefits of winterizing are protection, nutrients, and preparation. Winterization helps protect your grass from harsh winter temperatures. It also slowly adds nutrients to the soil. Finally, it gives your yard a head start in the spring when the temperatures start to rise.
For full disclosure, I do not use a full-service lawn care company like Weed Man. However, my parents and several of my neighbors do and think they do a great job.
Weed Man also provided this list of 8 things to do this fall in their Fall Yard Clean-Up Checklist. Check it out by clicking here.

To close or not to close your vents

There are several schools of thought on opening or closing your crawl space vents.
I spoke with an expert on crawl spaces, Shawn Richards from Complete Restoration Services. Shawn and CRS have helped me out in the past with homes I have sold and I trust their opinions.
Shawn said closing your vents for the winter is the best option. And he said that now is the time to do it. The biggest reasons are to keep moisture out of the crawl space and keep the heat from your house from leaking out. When spring rolls back around, open your vents back up to encourage air circulation.
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