As a real estate agent in Eagle, Idaho, here is how my clients and I work together.

Always Professional

Clients that want to buy and sell their properties need a great team to support them. This support runs from the beginning to the end and beyond. As a real estate agent, my job is to guide the client through the entire process. And I provide impactful service at every step. I always keep in mind that I work and represent the client and the way I conduct our business is important. My job is not to sell. It is to help.

Using Personal Experience

Sometimes it is hard to separate work and personal life. For me, this is a reality.

But the truth is, I don’t want to separate them. While I work with others as a real estate agent, my family also invests in properties on our own. It is these experiences, in addition to working with my clients, that gives our team a practical understanding of the market. We know the power of real estate and we want others to know, as well.

More Than Tools

Every real estate agent has access to some powerful tools to help give their clients a better experience. I am lucky. Beyond these tools, I also have a very strong brokerage that supports me. And a network of non-agents that selflessly lend a hand when I need one.

Amherst Madison is one of the top producing brokerages in the Treasure Valley and it is no accident. I chose to work with them because of the high standards they set for all their agents. The intense training that every new agent goes through is second to none. We have built an incredible technology system that gives our agents an advantage in the market.

Besides the resources at Amherst Madison, I have built a local network of colleagues over the last 40 years. I was born and raised in Eagle, Idaho and have lived and worked here the majority of my life. My career has expanded into real estate from engineering, sports marketing, and screen printing. Throughout, I have built a network of people that help in any way that they can. They continue to amaze me every day!

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