Extending the life of your great content: rechanneling

Have you ever produced some great content and then realized that not enough people were going to see it? So many times we create something awesome only to have it live for a single moment. Then it dies in the forgotten chambers of social media or our own archives. What a shame.

But what if you could extend the life of something great? What if there was a way to help great content live longer and be seen by more people? What if it wasn’t that hard to do?

This is why I rechannel.

What is “Rechanneling”

Rechanneling is when you extend the use of a piece of content and use it over several other channels. These channels are different from where it originally started. Some people also refer to it as repurposing.

Most content is not intended to be used only in that moment. By rechanneling a piece of content you are able to extend its reach. It allows people to receive the content when they want it and through the channel that they prefer.

Here is an example from a showcase camp we hosted. College of Idaho associate head coach Colby Blaine gave a talk to the players. For those that were at the event, they saw that talk in its original form.

Then we rechanneled that talk.


During the talk we broadcast it live on our Facebook page. Anyone that was on Facebook at that time was able to watch and listen to the talk. They didn’t need to be at the actual event.

We also added the video to our Idaho Showcase playlist on our Facebook video page. Now it was available on demand.


After capturing the video, we had it transcribed into text and turned it into a blog post on our website. It became a 2,500-word post that contained many Tweetables (see below).

Social Media

The blog post was then combined with some short text and an image. These became posts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts that linked back to the post. A link to the blog was also included in our newsletter.

We also pulled out Tweetables, bite-sized highlights of the talk that are easily shared on Twitter. We posted them to our account over the course of the next 3 to 4 weeks. Each tweet had the Tweetable quote plus an image and a link back to the article on our website.

Repurposing vs. Rechanneling

Where rechanneling extends the original purpose, repurposing uses the content for a new purpose.

In this case, the purpose was to educate players and parents. By extending the reach, Coach Blaine shared his message with more people. We have rechanneled it.

By documenting the process here, I’ve repurposed it. I’ve used it in a way that it was not originally intended.

Other Opportunities

The possibilities for rechanneling content are limited only by your imagination.

Even though we haven’t done the following, that same talk could become a podcast. We could add the video to a YouTube playlist. Or you could take the video and embed it directly on your website for viewing there.