How starting a personal website has made me better

One year later I’ve seen improved writing, focus and results

It has been a year since I began. In one year, I have published 52 weekly goals and 43 original articles. And I have learned so much by setting up and writing a personal blog.
It is obvious I should keep going. There are so many benefits. But what direction should I take it?

Benefits of writing each week

The website started as a way to build my personal brand. I wanted to be sure that if someone did a Google search on me that I could show them more about who I am. In the beginning I wanted to write about health and fitness stuff plus business stuff here and there.
But what I found is that the small business and marketing topics interested me the most. Specifically with sports. It is a topic I have a lot of experience with. And writing about them helped me understand them even more.
I started to explore new ways to write and new tools to help. Over time a content creation process developed that I now repeat each for each post. I have learned about category management, using tags and how to build bigger websites with better SEO.
My writing improved. And continues to improve. But I also like the informal way that I can write on a blog. I’m not a journalist so I can take a side and write what I believe while using conversational language.
I have also benefited from the goal writing each week. My first thought was by publishing my goals people would call me out if I was failing. Of course, nobody reads them but me. Yet, I found that is all that matters. I am good at holding myself accountable. And the regular schedule of publishing and reviewing has helped to keep me on track. It is amazing what a little planning can do for your productivity.

The touchy feely stuff

The benefits of blog writing go beyond the tangible. Before I started writing, my head was filled with new ideas and thoughts I wanted to explore. Frankly, they were very distracting.
Today, I know that I’m going to get an hour each morning to either get my thoughts out of my head or dive deep in to a topic. It has created a dumping ground for important but distracting thoughts. The result is that I’m more focused at work and at home.

What’s next?

As I write this I’m switching my website hosting service. I started with Godaddy but am moving over to Inmotion. I didn’t need to but wanted to learn how to do it. Turns out the process is not that hard. And it saved me a few bucks, something I posted about a year ago. 
I am also considering going in a different direction with the blog. I have always wanted to publish a book. I have seen authors use their blog as a place for feedback to improve their ideas. I may end up going that route with some of my blog posts. I may also publish them on sites like Medium and Linkedin to try and get more feedback.
Stay tuned. Year number two has begun!