Taking Off With Will It Fly

Will It Fly was written by Pat Flynn and published in March 2016. I grabbed the audio book version and have now listened to it twice. The first time was a casual listen and the second time I took five pages of notes.

The book is aimed at giving readers a structured way to validate whether their new business idea might work or is a waste of time. This is a dilemma that most entrepreneurs face at some point.

While some will go straight in to their business with no more than a gut feeling, others may want to feel more assured about the future. This book is for them.

While Flynn certainly doesn’t guarantee that following this method will work, it does give newbies a process. The structure dives deeply in to what their new business might be and find potential problems and additional options before launching.

Why I decided to buy it

I’ve been listening to Flynn’s podcast, SPI (Smart Passive Income) for several months. It is very well done as I’ve mentioned before. So it wasn’t a big leap of faith to try out his book.

Why I decided to listen to it again

As a structured person myself, the approach that Will It Fly takes toward validation made a lot of sense to me. Though I’m not currently trying to validate a new idea, I thought the book was good enough to at least review and share. Additionally, in the future when I do want to validate an idea from scratch, I will likely use this method to test it. So re-reading and taking a lot of notes was a good investment.

What I got in “Will It Fly”

First, I believe you get honesty. Having experience in the self business world, the way Flynn presents his ideas seem genuine and line up with my own experiences. That builds instant trust.

Second, the book is laid out in an easy to follow structure. Each part and chapter builds toward the next.

Third, there were some new ideas in the book that I may try and implement. The mind mapping and advanced search tactics are two examples that are pretty basic. Yet I hadn’t really understood how to use them. Flynn helped me to finally make the connection.

Fourth, if you are crafty, take a previously implemented idea and jump midway in to this process. This is something that you can apply today even if the idea or business is not brand new.

Bonus: Flynn provides a campanion course to get even deeper in to the book. In the course, each chapter comes with extras including video, examples and templates. And it is a great way for him to collect email addresses since the course is an opt-in lead magnet.

Top takeaways

If you have an idea you want to validate, this book gives you a structured approach. Realistically, this process takes time and is going to be hard work. And at the end, the idea that you validate may not be the idea that you started with.

Ultimately, at the end of the process you should have a much more dialed in idea that is more likely to be successful.


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