The Top 6 Podcasts You Need To Hear From Barbells to Business

Every morning I walk my dog and then commute to work. In an effort to be more productive, I’ve spent the last three months listening to a variety of podcasts to mix in with my audio books. While these are not the only podcasts I listen to, for this past month they are the podcasts you need to hear (at least in my opinion).

The Podcasts You Need to Hear

Shopify Masters

Felix Thea talks to small business owners about their journey to where they are today. The businesses vary in what they do from wedding accessories to protein powder but the real insight comes in how they’ve utilized different tools like Facebook or Etsy. Felix does a great job digging in to get helpful information from his guests. 

The Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s guests come from all over the world and tell us how they have developed their own passive income businesses. Most of his guests actually have more than one source of revenue, sometimes 4 or 5. Pat doesn’t hold back when asking them what their revenue sources are and how they got there.

Barbell Shrugged

This podcast is designed for gym trainers. While I’m not a trainer at a gym, I’ve found the information fascinating for my own workouts. They interview some big names from Rich Froning to Chris Hinshaw. Every show provides at least one gem that I’ve either applied to my regimen or gives me a topic for more research. Each podcast also comes with a YouTube video and a blog post. I don’t typically watch or read those, but they’ve figured out some SEO. Which leads to the next podcast…

Barbell Business

An offshoot of the Shrugged podcast, Barbell Business is aimed at the gym owner and how they can run their CrossFit gym better. The BB crew does have a product they are hustling (Barbell Logic) but they don’t go over the top with it. In fact, it is a really good way for them to explain different business concepts they are applying to the gym. Sales funnels, Facebook Live and developing a gym’s culture are just a few topics they have covered. Gym + Business = I’ll listen to that!


One thing you can count on with EOFire: John Lee Dumas is going to bring a ton of energy! The daily podcast interviews so many types of different people it is pretty hard to sum it up. The interviews are business based and attacks the interviewees’ strategies and best practices, after hearing how they got where they are at. Definitely worth checking this podcast out.

The Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper is the Side Hustle master and brings you a weekly interview with people similar to you and me. They had (and occasionally still have) a full time job put knew that they wanted to pursue something else. His interviews are inspiring because they dig in to how the interviewee put in hundreds of hours of work after a full day of their real job. Nick then does the next most important thing: helps us to understand how that person translated out of their real job and in to their side hustle full time.

What These Podcasts Bring to the Table

Each of these podcasts provide great information for the entrepreneur and health advocate that wants to continually improve each day. But they all provide their own style and flavor. They give you a similar idea but in different ways which really helps me understand concepts.

I hope you enjoy them and would really love to hear your thoughts.

Do you listen to any of these same podcasts? Do you have any of your own recommendations?