Waking up to The Sleep Revolution

The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington was published in 2016. It covers her views on how sleep habits have begun to change in recent history. Following a post I wrote “3 Simple Ways To Improve Precision With Your Weight, Calories and Sleep” I wanted to dive deeper on the topic of sleep.

The Top Topics

The book provides a very thorough look at all angles of sleep from history to new scientific approaches. For a sleep novice like myself, The Sleep Revolution provided all the background I could have imagined.

The topics I enjoyed the best were:

  • the sleep-aid industry – how big it has gotten and the new problems it has caused
  • sleep preparation – a few tips on what we can do to naturally help our sleep and why they work
  • athletic performance – the effect that sleep, or lack of sleep, can have on professional athletes
  • sleep deprivation at school and work – the effect lack of sleep can have on kids in school. Plus the effect on doctors making life saving decisions and police officers in stressful situations

Just the beginning of a sleep revolution

It was very interesting to take a broader look at sleep perceptions in our society. You start to see ways that we, probably unintentionally, have stood against sleep. Whether it is public policy or an old school thought process, Huffington points out several areas that may need to be rethought out.

Consider Washington DC and the way our politicians make decisions. Is a sleep deprived official in the best state of mind to make crucial decisions? Is starting school at or before 8:00 AM a wise way to start off our kids’ education? Based on the evidence provided, probably not.

The real world

The book also provides a lot of examples from Huffington’s own life, including that moment in 2007 when she woke up in a pool of blood in her office. She has made some real changes to her sleep habits. Her real life examples are great support for some of the topics she tackles.

As you read about Huffington’s sleep life and the life of those that have figured out the best way to utilize sleep, there is a consistent message.

Getting good sleep is like other skills. If you want to be good at it you have to prepare, practice and commit to getting better.

Who should read this book

I would recommend The Sleep Revolution for anyone that is exploring the sleep topic, either because it is effecting you or someone you live with or work with. While it is not for someone looking for a step by step guide on how to sleep better, it does provide an excellent foundation for where those guides are coming from.