Rentals December market stabilizes; new inventory continues to drop Rents and new inventory stabilized somewhat in December, though days on market for single family homes went up another 4 days in December. Here is a summary of December and the past several months. Days on market have continued to increase since June, going from 13.4, 16.3, 19.1, 22.0, 24.4, 28.3, 32.3 days each month, […]
Rentals Inventory Takes a Huge Hit in November, Is Increased Rent in Our Future? The housing market is no different than any other market. It is driven by supply and demand. So, despite rents continuing to drop and days on market growing, a 21.4% drop in inventory may put the squeeze on renters. With a massive decrease in supply, renters may have to pay more in December to secure […]
Rentals The downward trend on rentals continues in October in the Treasure Valley We continue to see a slowdown in the rental market for single family and townhomes. Consider these numbers. Days on market continue to increase since June, going from 13.4, 16.3, 19.1, 22.0, 24.4 days each month, respectively. Rents have averaged $2,321, $2,338, $2,288, $2,304, and $2206 in October, the lowest since June and a 4.3% […]
Rentals Trending or simply seasonality? Plus a Star is born We have progressed through the summer and school has started. Has this changed the law of supply and demand for rental properties? And how does this affect investment properties? Consider these numbers. Days on market have steadily increased since June through September, going from 13.4, 16.3, 19.1, and 22.0 days each month, respectively. Rents have […]
Rentals You might look in Kuna for a rental home but these three properties were unexpected As an investor, you know what type of rental home you want and why you want it. But sometimes, these rental homes are hard to find. Therefore, you may have to dig a little deeper to get what you want. That’s the lesson I learned this month. I was digging around Kuna looking for some […]
Rentals Are investment properties in downtown Boise, Idaho worth the risk? This July, we take a closer look at investment properties in downtown Boise, Idaho. We also see some continuous growth on the bench. And is this a trend or a fad: Eagle rent continues to go down. Back on the Bench The Boise Bench and the area south of the airport (zip code 83705) has […]
Rentals A new highest price and surprise in the south June welcomed a new leader in the clubhouse as Boise’s 83703 zip code topped the list of highest median rents. The area mostly north of the State Street corridor was also the second highest asking price per square foot ($1.58/sf/mo) coming in behind Boise’s 83702 zip code (downtown and north end). Asking rent is up […]
Rentals Your choice to self-manage: is it worth it? Independent property owners continue to see the value in owning AND managing their rental. In May we saw that 31% of the rental properties were listed by the property owners themselves. Why would someone choose to manage their own property? Let’s say you bought an investment property in the 83646 zip code (Meridian) in the […]
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